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      U.P. Equifest set for this weekend in Norway

      A very unique horse expo is coming to the Dickinson County Fairgrounds this Saturday and Sunday. It called The U.P. Equifest and features not only horse shows, but many exhibitions. This Saturday and Sunday will be filled with activities for anyone interested in learning more about horses and seeing some premier horse show activities.

      On Thursday afternoon, the crews were setting up for the large event and getting the horses ready for two packed days. ??We??re trying to build this event to be one of the premier horse events in the U.P.,?? said coordinator, Dave Wells. ??It??s an equine expo and an equestrian gathering."

      Horse pulling contests, training classes, and races are some of the planned activities. The U.P. Equifest website has information on all activities for the weekend. Admission is five dollars each day; children seven and under are admitted for free.