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      U.P. family turns eyesore into work of art

      When Mother Nature decided a tree's time in the Holmes' yard was up, they decided to turn it into a piece of art.

      Dean and Louise Holmes watched as one of the pine trees in their yard fell apart for years, and the recent storm landed the final blow.

      The Holmes saw some of chainsaw carver John Mykkanen's work at a Florence, Wisconsin fair and immediately thought of their tree.

      The animals carved on the tree represent the animals seen around the Holmes' property.

      Louise says this is the perfect way to save one of their trees and turn something negative into a positive.

      "We've had these four trees for a long time, and the thought of losing one, I didn't like the thought of losing one, and we decided that we could probably do something with it and just turn something, you know, we could turn something positive out of the tree being gone and having a stump there," said Louise Holmes.

      It only took Mykkanen two days to carve and one day to paint the tree.