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      U.P. gas prices on the rise

      It's something that most of us use every day, and lately it's been costing more and more.

      In Marquette County, most prices were over $4.00 a gallon.

      Drivers say the price of gasoline always seems to be more expensive in the U.P. compared to the rest of the state, and it has them asking why.

      "There's problems with availability of different products, and there's additional freight because they have to travel farther to get it," said BP Manager Jim Douglas.

      Marquette County gasoline normally comes from Green Bay, but because of a recent pipe break, it's been coming from Madison and Milwaukee. That line has been repaired, but BP manager Jim Douglas in Champion says there was another one last Friday, making the cost of transportation go up.

      And drivers aren't happy about it.

      "How are we all going to drive? What are we supposed to do, all walk? The crazy thing is, is that in Chicago, gas prices are at about 3.50. And up here, I'm looking at $3.89, and it keeps going up. It's out of whack, I don't understand this," said Joey Minsky, who is visiting from Chicago.

      Some downstate gas stations even had gas prices as low as $3.49.

      These prices aren't even the highest that Jim's seen. He's seen gas prices climb all the way to $4.29. And as far for the future at the pump, he says, there's no telling what it holds.

      "It may level off, it may go down a little bit. It's a crystal ball. I'm here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you need it, I've got it, but I don't always have it at the price you want it," Douglas added.