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      U.P. hiking trails

      You will find a trail just about everywhere in the U.P.

      On the outskirts of the city of Marquette, you can climb the hills of Sugar Loaf. Just up the highway from there, you will find Wetmore's Landing. The terrain is a lot more rocky there, but enjoy the hidden beach.

      Lynn Emerick writes, "Almost anywhere on the North Country Trail...short and long segments, lakes, waterfalls, forests."

      Lorana Jinkerson spoke of the North Country Trail.

      "We are actually the longest. Most people are familiar with the Appalachian Trail--that is our sister--also a national scenic trail. We are twice as long as they are. We go from New York to North Dakota. We have the most miles in Michigan at 1,150 of our 4,600 miles are in Michigan," said Jinkerson.

      The trail also comes around Little Presque Isle. If you are looking for something less intense, that's the place to go.

      John Trotter writes, "The Chapel Basin at Pictured Rocks is a great area. A few choices for hiking distances, and many beautiful highlights, such as Chapel and Mosquito beaches, Chapel Falls, Chapel Rock, etc."

      Chris Koren with the Department of Natural Resources says a well-known hiking spot is Van Riper State Park.

      "It brings you up into this great view, and when you hike through the woods, it's very big trees. You come down, it's a rocky area, too. You come down to almost a swamp-like area and end up by the river, so it's a lot of terrain," said Koren.

      He also said you should check out Laughing Whitefish Falls, 30 miles from Munising. It has a 100-foot waterfall.

      If you are in the Keewanaw county, try the Isle Royale Trails and Black Creek Nature Sanctuary.

      If you live in Ontonangon, try backpacking the Porcupine Mountains.

      For more trials, click here.