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      U.P. housing market improving

      Local realtors and bankers are noticing improvements in the housing market.

      It's peak buying season in the housing market across the U.P.

      While the number of houses for sale hasn't significantly increased compared to last summer, agents are seeing a new trend.

      "You know as the economy has been recovering we're starting to see people decide that yes they can afford a camp, they can afford a second home. We're starting to see those sales happen as well."

      Mortgage loan originator Adam Carpenter says he's also seen more people looking to get a loan on a second property.

      He says it's a sign that the economy is stronger.

      "That could be the extra cash flow. May be people have a little extra money in their pockets to spend. Rates can also drive that a little bit. People can may be get a second property at a favorable rate.That may entice them to buy it a little bit more, but that is one piece of the puzzle."

      Carpenter also says interest rates are a major factor in more people getting a mortgage loan.

      Rates are still at an all time low, the nationwide average for a 30 year loan is at 4.12 percent and a 15 year loan at 3.23 percent.

      Many communities across the U.P. are seeing the impact of lower rates.

      "Between 150 to 200, those are selling rather quickly. Actually 100 to 150 is also moving well. The upper price ranges seem to be sitting a little bit longer."

      Currently, a house is staying on the market for around 180 days.