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      For the past nine months, Deborah Wissler was feeling a lot of pressure in her lower back, but after two weeks of aerial silk yoga at Meridian Therapies in Marquette, she says a lot of the pressure is gone.

      "It takes the pressure off of your joints. I feel like I can stretch in a position I couldn't achieve on the floor. I got on this aerial silk and, for some reason, it must've loosened something up. I'm not sure exactly, but it definitely alleviated it," said Wissler, beginner student.

      Long pieces of stretchable silk are anchored into the ceiling and the yoga students sit, stand, and practice different techniques.

      "The silk yoga, or any other type if yoga, is wonderful for strengthening the entire body. It's wonderful for balance. It's wonderful for flexibility," said Mary Connor, yoga instructor.

      "Once you get into this position, you can start leaning forward. The pressure on the silk is just going to allow the muscles to start relaxing a little bit, more of a feeling of opening in the hip," Connor said.

      Meridian Therapies also offers massages, and massage therapist and owner, Natalie Martin, says her goal is to give her clients what they need.

      "I really enjoy the fact that I can heal people, not just with massage therapy, but with manual therapy. You can really get the total feel of someone, and it's more relaxing for the client," said Martin.

      For more information on aerial silk yoga or massage therapy, click here or call (906) 235-2503.