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      U.P. launches new pill disposal program

      If you have prescriptions pills piling up in your cabinet, don't just flush them down the toilet. The U.P. is leading the way in Michigan on properly disposing pills

      There is a new prescription pill drug disposal program for you to safely dispose of your pills at your local police department. So far 22 states have the program.

      The P2D2 program was created by students in Chicago, Illinois. The goal is to prevent contamination of our waters and pills from ending up in the wrong hands.

      Paul Ritter says it's all because of the kids.

      Dan Willey, Ishpeming Police Chief says it can save someone's life. If you have any pills, you can drop them off at the Ishpeming and Marquette Police Departments.

      "It's focused around students carrying the torch of change into the communities. Students saying hey, we think this, this is our world. We want to make a difference. We want to make an impact and this is how you can do it," said Ritter.

      "Get rid of them legally and safely rather than flushing them down the toilet. They can put them in this box. This way younger people or someone seeking drugs won't have an opportunity to get them," said Willey.

      All the pills will go to a waste energy plant where they will get turned into energy to power homes.