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      U.P. logging company has long family history

      Not many businesses can say they've been around for over 30 years, but Carey Logging can. Employing around 30 people, the business is very family oriented and has been for its entire existence. While the Carey family has been running the company for 34 years, the family's logging legacy dates much further back in time.

      "My great grandfather came to Sagola, MI in the 1800's on a train and setup his first logging camp and found the work ethic of the people in the U.P.," said Jim Carey, President of Carey Logging.

      Years later, the second generation of Carey Logging is jumping into the family business. More importantly, the next generation is just as passionate as the generations of the past.

      "I guess my destiny was chosen a long time ago for me when they moved up here from Oconto Falls, WI and I think our family's done well over the years and it's just a good place to do business," said Ryan Carey.

      Carey Logging handles jobs all across the U.P. with varying levels of logging depending on the site. There are plenty of people that believe what logging companies do is bad for forests, but Ryan Carey says that it is important to do some logging to allow for forests to replenish themselves.

      "Us as loggers need to do a better job of educating the public and get them to realize how important we are to the U.P. and the U.P.'s economy," said Ryan Carey.

      The key is to log responsibly and with the next generation of Careys learning how to log properly it can only mean good things for the future of the U.P.