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      U.P. mail processing center closing will affect more than the mail

      The U.P. mail processing center has been scheduled for closure by the United States Postal Service. This will affect the speed at which everyone in the U.P. gets their mail. Over 100 jobs would be affected by the closure of the Kingsford mail processing center.

      There is still a chance the center could remain open if Congress doesn't approve the new delivery standards, which would make it illegal for the U.S.P.S. to close it.

      Most of the workers there now are faced with a lot of uncertainty.

      â??Our employees don't know what to expect,â?? said Theresa Granquist. â??They don't know what to do. All we've been given is a lot of what ifs.â??

      The delay on mail will affect businesses that handle time sensitive material.

      â??Who wants to see a newspaper four days old,â?? Granquist says. â??Perishable items--we have a lot of companies in the U.P. that mail out pasties, candy.â??

      Instead of having the mail processed at the Kingsford facility, it would have to first travel all the way to Green Bay, WI or another center in the lower peninsula. The exact place hasn't been determined yet.

      If this processing center closes, the United States Postal Service says the mail delivered here from Green Bay, or wherever it comes from, is only going to take one extra day to get here.

      A lot of people say that is not the case at all.

      â??It's just the backup of getting it started from down there or up here,â?? said Robert Voght. â??I think it's going to be two days or three days.â??

      Officials say the public has the best chance to keep the processing center from closing by making their voice heard to elected officials.