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      U.P. mail will be processed in Green Bay

      Efforts to prevent the closure of the mail processing center in Kingsford appear to have failed.

      The processing center is closing this summer and moving the operations to a facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This change could impact 40 to 50 jobs at the current processing center and has Kingsford residents disappointed with the closing.

      "We're already losing a lot of jobs in the area. There are already a lot of people looking for jobs, and not to mention the fact that I think it'll probably slow down our mail also, now that it can't just go straight through Kingsford anymore," said Kingsford Resident, Steve Lehman.

      Express mail processing will continue at the center, but all other processing will be sent to Green Bay. The postal service says this move will save nearly 5.3 million dollars a year.