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      U.P. native who auditioned for America's Got Talent records album

      Alexis Matson sings of real life experiences affecting girls her age.

      "He just kind of leaves without any explanation and so the girl just wants him to come back." said Matson.

      The 15-year-old has been singing since she could remember.

      "I've always loved music. I don't know what it is about music, but it's kind of my life. I think just knowing that you can inspire people with a song is really cool to me." said Matson.

      Now, a year and half after auditioning for America Gots Talent, she's releasing her first album called Loose Ends.

      The album includes five originally written acoustic pieces.

      "I think the way the songs are written will still reach out to girls my age. And, that's kind of what I was aiming for." said Matson.

      Alexis had the help of Ted Blanger, a family friend with a portable recording studio.

      "I was really surprised how nice her songs were. Was very impressed with how she did it. You know some people are singer writers, performers, I'd say she's a singer song writer." said Blanger.

      Matson's been writing acoustic pop and indie songs since the age of 11.

      For her first album she was able to write and produce it in three months.

      Matson has already performed at some summer fests and hopes people will enjoy her music.

      "I'm really happy with how it came out. Even I catch myself sometimes listening to my own songs." said Matson.

      You can visit Matson's Facebook page here.