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      U.P. Northwoods Triathlon a success

      More than 150 people from across the U.P. are toughing it out in the U.P. Northwoods Triathlon including an entire family, all participating in separate divisions.

      "My daughter and her husband will be doing the race; he's an Ironman competitor. My daughter, this will be her first solo race. She's doing sprint race, and her two daughters are going to do the youth event," said Michael Fornetti, racer.

      They're hoping it turns into a family tradition. For some, it's their first time doing a triathlon.

      "I was a runner for a long time, but I like the variety of triathlons. My husband's been a triathlete for fifteen years. Now that my daughters are older, they are getting into it, too, so I see us doing it a lot in the future," said Willa Fornetti-Belle, racer.

      Competitors took off in waves of ten starting with a 1500 meter swim. Participants competed in either the Olympic, Sprint or Youth division with the Olympic as the longest distance. After the swim, racers transitioned to their bikes for the next leg of the race.

      "Well, the bike course was fairly hilly which probably played to my advantage, but it was a very good course. Good volunteers and good effort," said Jeff Juntti, Best Overall Male.

      The race gets more exciting when the racers are almost done, coming in from the bike race. They change and head off for the last part the 10k run to the finish.

      "Watching people finish with tears in their eyes because they're so excited that they've accomplished such a huge goal in their's really inspiring for me to just watch that," said Aimee Tatanglo, coordinator.

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