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      U.P. Pink Power walks for miles

      Those extraordinary ladies in pink are pounding the pavement this Saturday for a good cause.

      "All of us have been affected by something like this, so that's why we do it," said Sally Searle, a U.P. Pink Power member.

      The group of women do everything from spaghetti dinners, to benefit walks, to raising money through golf outings.

      They take time out of their day to raise money for those who are in need, whether it's an illness or a disaster.

      Last year, the ladies raised about $12,000, and bought a dozen AEDs, or Automated External Defibrillators for Upper Michigan communities.

      "It'll tell us if you have a heartbeat or not. And sometimes it's hard to tell. And the other good thing about it is, when the EMS get there, they can take their bigger machines, and we can just unplug and plug back in, cause you're already plugged in," said Chief Tom Rector from the Forsyth Township Police Department.

      The walk starts at the Tall Timber Grocery in Gwinn, and goes all the way to the Knotty Pine Bar in Arnold.

      Along the way, signs will be posted, marking each mile.

      Some with the names of sponsoring businesses, others, in rememberance of loved ones lost.

      Most of the women in Pink Power have lost someone to cancer, or another disease, and give all they can so others can have hope during tough times.

      And that's why they say they're putting all of the proceeds toward AEDs again this year.

      "We don't know how much money we're going to raise this year. But we do know that we are going to be able to purchase at least five of them," said Searle.

      Registration is still open for the walk.

      The ladies said anyone and everyone is welcome, and it's free to register.

      Click here for their Facebook page, or email them at