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      U.P. pre-teen earned black belt at age 11

      Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Martial Art that combines combat and self-defense techniques with sport and exercise.

      It was developed by a variety of Korean Masters during the 1940s, as a form of self defense and discipline.

      And here in the U.P., we have one of the youngest Tae Kwon Do students to ever receive a black belt.

      "I just like the thrill of being in tournaments and I just like all the stuff you're able to do, and all the things that you learn. And I just like the fact that I know that I can defend myself when I have to," said Quayle.

      Twelve year old Seth Quayle has been studying Martial Arts for eight years.

      And exactly a year ago, he earned his black belt, making him one of the youngest to ever receive one.

      "It was brutal and complicated. And after those seven years, I finally ended up getting it, and I am getting ready to test for my second degree next year," said Quayle.

      Quayle's instructor says he is a rarity.

      Normally, Tae Kwon Do students don't test for and earn their black belt until they are at least sixteen.

      But Quayle's instructor says he is mentally and physically beyond his years.

      "Seth, at his age, is incredible. He can do things, he can throw adults. He reminds me of me. When I was twelve I was the youngest black belt in the United States. First one they ever gave a black belt to at that age. But I could break four boards, I could throw people. I could do things that most twelve year olds can't. And Seth is the same way," said Dennis Dufek, Tae Kwon Do Instructor.

      Quayle has aquired numerous trophies, awards, and medals for his exceptional Martial Arts skills.

      He plans to continue on with what he calls the Tae Kwon Do lifestyle, for the rest of his life.

      He says there are five Tenets of Tae Kwon Do: Courtesy, integrity , perseverance, self-control , and indomitable spirit.

      "Those take roles in every Martial Artist's life. And using those, it makes it not really a sport, but more of a lifestyle," said Quayle.

      Quayle says he hopes to instruct his own Martial Arts class one day.

      One of his ultimate goals is to win a Tae Kwon Do World Championship.