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      U.P. school ranks in top 22 percent of best high schools in the U.S.

      Bark River-Harris has received a unique recognition from U.S. News and World Report, and school officials say it's because of seniors' high test scores.

      The report identifies the best high schools in the nation. Bark River-Harris falls into the top 22 percent of those schools, according to the report.

      The distinction is based off the Michigan Merit Exam, and the schools are categorized into gold, silver, and bronze medal. The school received a bronze medal, and Superintendent Jason Lockwood attributes it to the hard work of the seniors and their teachers.

      "Our principal and our staff have been working very hard on assessments, curriculum, professional development, and we have a goal to make sure our students are ready for life after graduation," said Lockwood.

      Close to 90 percent of the school's seniors go to tech school or community or four year college.

      You can see the complete ranking off all schools in the United States here.