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      U.P. skilled nursing home administrator invited to Washington

      The top 35 skilled nursing home administrators have been invited to the American Health Care Association's Future Leaders Symposium in Washington D.C.

      Michigan's only invited administrator, Wayne Johnson is from the U.P.

      The Christian Park Village administrator will represent Michigan to discuss changes and topics concerning skilled nursing home facilities.

      Johnson says many things are changing because of the Affordable Care Act and it's important to keep funding in order to sustain the services provided for Michigan residents living in skilled nursing home facilities.

      "Things are changing since the Affordable Care Act, and we want to stay on top of it and make sure that skilled nursing facilities have a big say in Washington to protect the benefits of seniors" adds Johnson.

      He was nominated by the Michigan Health Care Association.

      Christian Park Village is the 2012 American Health Care Association Bronze Award recipient for commitment to and continuous delivery of quality care.