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      U.P. State Fair wraps up, but how did it go?

      The weeklong U.P. State Fair had many highlights, including the ribbon-cutting for the Miracle of Life educational pavilion on opening day, but now that the fair is over, how did things wrap up?

      Around 60,000 people normally attend the fair. It's still too soon to estimate the number of fairgoers this year, but officials say that number is coming by the end of the week. However, organizers said that the midway participation and activity was a lot greater than it was last year.

      Vickie Micheau, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, says they hit about 98 percent of expectations simply because there's always room for improvement.

      "We're beginning the process now of looking at areas that we can improve and enhance for next year," said Micheau. "So this year-long process of planning the fair actually starts today."

      Officials say gate attendance was down by $1,500 because of rainy weather.