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      UPAWS hosts Second Party for the Pets

      Local animal shelter UPAWS held its second Party For The Pets in Marquette Saturday. The all-day event started at noon and lasted until three o' clock in the morning.

      Attractions included a UPAWS adoption event, a pet pageant with giveaway prizes, and kid-friendly activities. An event official told TV-6 news that it was important now more than ever to get the community involved with UPaws.

      "They're the only people doing it, really. UPAWS is the only people on the front lines really putting an effort to take care of the animals in our community. So, we might as well support 'em. We're a small community, so we have to stick together." said event organizer Justin Berkel.

      Berkel said UPAWS is not-for-profit and so depends solely on the community for donations and other financial support.