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      UPCAP creates confident caregivers

      UPCAP in Escanaba is hosting a six-week workshop to create confident caregivers for those who are caring for family members who have Alzheimer??s or dementia.

      Thursday??s session was week three of the program. In the two-hour session, the participants learned that their family members with memory loss progress through stages of dementia at different times. They also learned how to understand what these stages are.

      In the last four years, UPCAP has reached about 300 caregivers through these workshops.

      ??Keep the person you're caring for in an area where they're content and involved during the day with different activities,?? explains Tammy Rosa, a Creating Confident Caregivers trainer. ??You want to still have that person involved in day-to-day life.??

      Officials say future workshops are planned throughout the U.P.

      For more information, Dial 2-1-1 or visit: www.upcap.org