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      UPDATE: Marinette school hostages

      Update 1:13 p.m. EST

      Marinette Police Chief Jeffrey Skorik confirms that the armed student, 15-year-old Samuel Hengel has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

      According to officials Hengel left the classroom then returned with a bag containing ammunition, a 9mm handgun and a .22 caliber handgun. He was found with more ammunition on his person when he arrived at the hospital.

      There were originally 24 students and the teacher in the room. One student was released almost immediately because her phone kept ringing. The student was allowed to leave when the principal tried to enter the room and found the gunman.


      "All of the students were safely removed from the school, said Marinette Police Chief Jeffrey Skorik to reporters Monday night.

      It was the news everybody waited to hear. After a five hour standoff, all 24 hostages were released unharmed.

      It all started just after 3 p.m. central time when a 15-year-old male Marinette student took 23 students and his female teacher hostage. The suspect was armed with two semi-automatic hand guns.

      At 7:40 p.m., five students that needed to use the bathroom were released.

      At 8:03 p.m., police forcefully entered the classroom after three shots were fired inside.

      The 15-year-old gunman then shot himself. There is no word on his condition and his name has not been released.

      "The game plan all along was to have the hostage taker leave the room peacefully without any injuries, Skorik said. It was only after three gun shots that law enforcement became concerned for the safety of the hostages, and they breached the door."

      Skorik said he has no idea about the gunman's motive. Police were only in contact with the female teacher and at no point spoke directly to the gunman.

      Superintendent Timothy Baneck said the school had some training last year regarding what to do if a shooting incident were to occur.

      "One of the law enforcement officials said that, really, we saw some of the work that was done last year come to fruition, Baneck said. Did that make a difference? I would think so, but it's hard to conjecture at this point."

      Marinette High School is closed Tuesday.