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      Upper Michigan bike trail seeks votes in national contest

      Copper Harbor Trails Club logo

      The Copper Harbor Trails Club is one of 12 finalists in a national contest to win a portion of $100,000 for a new bike trail.

      Bell Bike Helmets is putting on the contest and has the finalists separated into three categories: downhill trails, flow trails, and pump tracks. Copper Harbor is one of four finalists in the downhill trails category and currently places first by three percent.

      Copper Harbor's bike trails have been named one of the best in the world. Steve Vizanko, one of the owners of The Bike Shop in Houghton, says the potential new trail would bring even more tourism to the area and be good for businesses.

      "I think this really is going to bring a lot of people here, especially just in the Midwest, but also, I think, it's just one more thing, one more reason to visit Copper Harbor and see the trails," said Vizanko. "It adds a little bit of variety. There's only one downhill trail currently up there, and there's quite a bit of cross country single track and various levels of trails, so it's really going to help diversify the trail system."

      Voting ends on April 12. If you want to help the Copper Harbor Trails Club, check out their Facebook page for information on how to vote.