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      Upper Michigan dog dies from 'Made in China' treats

      After $8000 in veterinary bills and multiple trips to the animal hospital, a Kingsford family tells TV6 that their dog has finally passed away, and they said itâ??s all because she ate â??Made in Chinaâ?? jerky treats.

      The Deloria family said their six-year-old dog, Gina Marie, became extremely sick back in August. After several medical tests, veterinarians concluded jerky treats were the cause.

      When we first spoke to the Deloriaâ??s at the end of October, they thought their dog was possibly on the road to recovery. Then, this past Monday, they said her health took a dramatic turn and they had to let her go on Black Friday.

      Lynn Deloria said she hopes thereâ??s a heaven for pets where Gina Marie is playing and happy. "Because down here, we're miserable," stated Deloria.

      The Pet Shoppe treats alleged to be the cause of Gina Marieâ??s death are still being sold in Walgreens.

      Since 2007, the FDA has linked illnesses from jerky treats to 3,600 dogs and 10 cats, 580 of those animals dying as a result.

      After 1,200 tests by the FDA in China manufacturing plants, the reason behind the illnesses is still unknown.