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      Upper Michigan man arrested, suspect in triple homicide and arson

      Debris from the fire near Rye, Colorado
      A man who grew up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula has been arrested in the killing of three people in Colorado. Fifty-nine-year-old Harry C. Mapps was arrested in Oklahoma after a month long search and is awaiting his return to Colorado to face first-degree murder charges. The sheriff of Pueblo County, Colorado says Mapps set fire to the victims' house Nov. 27 to cover up the killings. The attack claimed the lives of Kim and Reggie Tuttle and their adult daughter, Dawn Roderick. Mapps waived his right to an extradition hearing Monday before a judge in eastern Oklahoma's Sequoyah County, about 700 miles from the crime scene. The Daily News of Iron Mountain, Michigan says Mapps is a former resident of Kingsford and graduated from Kingsford High School in 1972.