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      Upper Michigan marathon runner talks about events in Boston

      The Marquette man who finished the Boston Marathon a half hour before the finish line was bombed on Monday has returned home.

      Longtime runner Tracy Lokken took first in his age group and 31st overall in this year's Boston Marathon. He finished with a time of 2:22:27. Shortly after he finished the race, two bombs went off on Boylston Street.

      Tracy spent the next few hours trying to locate his sister and friend who were in the vicinity. Through phone calls and using text messages, he was able to find them.

      "We can't let things like this deter us as people, as human beings...and am I going to keep my eyes and ears open a little more? Probably, I think that's just human nature," said Lokken. "I'll keep going on. I'll keep doing what I'm doing because that's just who I am."

      Now that he has returned to Marquette, Tracy has taken some time to reflect on his success in this year's race. He says he's proud of where he comes from.

      "I always knew I had talent, and to actually get an opportunity to put it on a larger scale, it's just nice to be able to represent the U.P., you know, Marquette and Michigan, too," Lokken added.