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      Upper Michigan musician needs votes in contest

      <font size="2">Sahl Metivier playing guitar</font>

      One local musician is hoping to live the Jimi Hendrix experience, and he needs your votes to help.

      Sahl Metivier is a guitarist and instructor at Jim's Music in Marquette. He's been playing for 20 years and teaching others since 1998. He has entered a contest that would see him take the stage with members of the original band that accompanied Hendrix on their 2014 tour.

      "He created a whole new universe of sounds on the guitar and it changed it forever. My dad was a big Hendrix fan, had all the records laying around, so we listened to them, and just to get the chance to play on stage with the Jimi Hendrix's original bass player would be amazing," said Metivier.

      Metivier is hovering around the 20th spot and is hoping for one more push from voters. The contest ends Wednesday at 1 p.m. You can find his voting page here.