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      Upper Michigan offers great options for camping

      With 15 state parks and dozens of state forest campgrounds in the Upper Peninsula the Department of Natural Resources says there are plenty of sites to choose from.

      They also say this weekend may be the best time to get out and experience the outdoors with their summer kickoff event featuring free fishing and, on Sunday, free admission to state parks.

      According to the DNR, some of the more popular spots include Van Riper State Park, the Porcupine Mountains, and Baraga State Park.

      "It was only a couple of years ago that Michigan's state park system was named the best state park system in the country," says Debbie Munson Badini of the Michigan DNR. "We have a ton of parks, they have a lot of variety of what you can do. Some of them are more modern and some of them are more rustic so, really, whatever you're looking for you're going to find in our state park and state forest campground system."

      Some of our Facebook friends offered their favorite spots. Deb Dlubala writes "McLain State Park in the Copper Country! It offers breath taking lake views, hiking trails, friendly campers and the most beautiful sunsets you'll ever see! Mother Nature at her best."

      From Pamela Sue Kivi, "McDonald's Lake. Carry in tent sites (only 3 of them) and camping on islands. Free and in the middle of nowhere. Only amenities...a pit toilet. I love rustic camping."