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      Upper Michigan representatives introduce bills to help the U.P.

      Upper Michigan representatives introduced a bill package to the Michigan House on Wednesday that would create an economic stimulus incentive partnership in the Upper Peninsula, similar to partnerships downstate.

      Representatives Ed McBroom and John Kivela sponsored the two-bill package to expand the state's Next Michigan Development Act to authorize a sixth partnership. The partnership would allow two or more municipal governments to offer combinations of business tax credits, real and personal property tax abatements, tax increment finance plans and renaissance zones as incentives to stimulate local economies.

      "The available economic partnerships all went to regions below the bridge," said Representative McBroom. "Our local communities can definitely use some economic growth and investment to create jobs for families and reenergize our municipal systems."

      Representative Kivela hopes to work with Lansing to provide a better life for those living in the Upper Peninsula.

      "It is good to see the U.P. delegation working together by placing our priorities on improving the lives of the residents of the Upper Peninsula," added Representative Kivela. "It is my hope that we will continue to work with one another in Lansing to create positive impacts back home in the Upper Peninsula."

      House Bills 4782 and 4783 have been assigned to the House Commerce Committee for review.