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      Upper Michigan schools make academic excellence list

      Bridge Magazine has released its list of academic state champions, with five Upper Peninsula schools making it in the top 10 percent out of 540 school districts this year.

      Calumet Schools placed 9th, Chassell placed 27th, and new to the top 10 percent this year is Dollar Bay/Tamarack City Schools in 33rd, Gwinn in 40th, and West Iron County Schools in 52nd.

      Schools were ranked on student achievement in relation to the average family income. Dollar Bay High School principal, Bill Rivest, says his school district of 320 students has focused on creating additional programs in which students learn the highest capacity of quality material.

      "Just as important as the academic excellence and striving to get better in that area, we also strive to make sure that we have a good, positive atmosphere here for not only our students, but for our faculty as well," said Rivest.

      To see where other schools ranked and for more information on how ranking was determined, check out Bridge Magazine's page: