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      Upper Michigan state trooper awarded for stopping drunk drivers

      According to the Centers for Disease Control close to 30 people die each day as a result of drunk driving.

      For law enforcement, this means doing all they can to make sure they keep these drivers off the road, and in Iron Mountain, one state trooper is being recognized for doing just that.

      Michigan State Trooper Greg Primeau was awarded the Mothers Against Drunk Driving award earlier this month for his outstanding work in drunk driving arrests. Primeau was only one out of four other officers in the state who received this Lifesavers award.

      "[It's] not only the amount of drunk drivers that were arrested, but it's also the training that I've assisted other officers in, both here at the post, in Lansing and Phoenix, Arizona," said Primeau.

      Primeau also mentioned it's not only alcohol that officers look out for, but also drugs, whose impairment causes what troopers call "drug driving".