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      Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Society to celebrate Spay Day USA

      A local organization is trying to help reduce the amount of homeless animals by offering discounted spaying and neutering services. UPAWS is participating in a nationwide event called "Spay Day USA". Due to the high number of unwanted animals, the Humane Society estimates that local shelters euthanize three to four million cats and dogs each year. The goal of "Spay Day USA" is to help reduce the number of animals that end up in shelters.

      "It's also very important for the health of your animal, and we'd like to offer this to low income families so they can have healthy animals in their home. We know they love their pets and we want to offer this surgery, but sometimes they can't afford it," said UPAWS Manager, Lareina Vanstrien.

      If you're interested in this event, all you have to do is visit UPAWS during normal business hours and sign up. You pay a $30 fee and then the shelter will set up the surgery at one of six participating local vet clinics. The discount will last until the end of this month.