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      Upper Peninsula blizzard

      A blizzard swept through much of Upper Michigan Tuesday, blanketing the area with a fresh cover of heavy snow.

      Blowing snow is causing deep drifts in many areas. And clearing snow is a chore that often has to be done more than once a day.

      Ishpeming resident, Sharon Hainsey, said, "My husband snow blows, and I shovel behind him. We chop down the snow banks because they drift so high over here. We're getting there!"

      "It's cold, there's lots of wind. It's terrible that it's blowing back in your face and sticking to your face, freezing right to the beard!" said Ishpeming resident, Sam Johnson. Blizzard weather is everywhere, causing road conditions to be hazardous. Unless you have somewhere important to be, it's best to stay warm, at home.

      Director of Operations and Maintenance at the Marquette County Road Commission, Michael Harrington, said, "We're trying to get the highways clear right now and then through the night, our crews will start working on a lot of the primaries and getting to the secondaries and hopefully tomorrow (Wednesday) this time, everyone will be up and moving again."