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      Upper Peninsula man receives card from the president

      Card Upper Peninsula man received from President Obama

      An Ontonagon man received a card from President Obama after sending a DVD about logging to the White House.

      Tom Pestka has been in the logging business for 50 years. In recent years he has focused his attention on producing educational videos on the logging industry and its significance.

      Pestka recently sent one of his DVDs to the president and received a card back thanking him for his submission. Pestka says he is passionate about logging and about educating people on why the logging industry is so vital in our country.

      "This country couldn't go on without paper," said Pestka. "Everything is used with paper. There's probably not as much paper used today as there was 20 years ago, you know, with computers. That's probably why the post offices are starting to slow down, but you just can't get by without paper."

      Pestka also plans to take his tools on the road to local schools to educate students about the logging industry as well.