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      Upper Peninsula nursing home given high marks

      One of the Upper Peninsula's own nursing and rehabilitation homes has been ranked one of the best in the state of Michigan.

      Christian Park Village Nursing and Rehabilitation Home in Escanaba has been recognized by the U.S. News and World Report. The facility received a five star rating, the highest rating available, and is also one of nine Ciena Healthcare Facilities to be included on the list of best in the state.

      Resident at Christian Park Village, Hazel Carlyon, said, "They took me in; I was about dead. They made a new person out of me."

      Multi-positioned employee, Cherrish Contantino, said, "Our facility is doing the best that they can to take care of our residents and family members. We believe that they are family to us."

      Administrator Wayne Johnson said, "We have a very high return-to-home rate here at the facility. The goal for most residents is not to come here for end of life. Most residents come here, they rehabilitate for 30-45 days, and then they return home."

      Other residents say that the exemplary care and compassion the staff shows daily is a key reason the award was given to Christian Park Village.