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      Upper Peninsula resident works on Discovery Channel show

      A Jeffers High School and Michigan Technological University graduate is working behind the scenes for the Discovery Channel.

      Twenty-six-year-old Daena Makela is an assistant editor for the Discovery Channel's show, Texas Car Wars. The show is a reality program about auto shops in Texas that bid on cars and then resell them.

      Once the director shoots all of the video, it's Makela's job to put it all together. Makela says he enjoys his job and has some advice on anyone interested in following in his footsteps.

      "Nothing happens overnight," said Makela. "It can, but you can't count on that. It's really just a matter of just always be producing something, whether it's something you're getting paid for, which is ideal, or something that you're not."

      Makela also worked his way up to an assistant editor of the recent Emmy Award winning documentary, Where Soldiers Come From. The former Atlantic Mine resident says his next goal is to finish writing his screenplay by the end of this year.