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      Upper Peninsula students compete in religion bee

      Can you name the 10 commandments by number or explain who is responsible for choosing the pope?

      Tuesday at Menominee Catholic Central High School, seven Catholic schools from the U.P. tested students' knowledge of the Catholic faith.

      We've all heard of spelling bees. But have you ever heard of a religion bee?

      Religion bee participant Jeffrey Tickler is a sixth grader at Menominee Catholic Central School. He says the unique competition has even helped him outside the classroom.

      â??I'm deep in my faith,â?? explains Tickler, â??and I like going to church, and this really does help a lot with getting even deeper into it."

      He's hoping his Biblical knowledge helps his school place first. Jeffrey and his team started preparing for the religion bee last September. They meet once or twice a week, and they study from the New American Bible.

      The moderator asked tough questions that some students stumbled on.

      Jeffrey shared a few tips he had up his sleeves.

      â??What is the official governing body of the Jews? Well, we know Jerusalem is in the desert with sand, and it's the Sanhedrin, so we thought of easy ways to remember like that," Jeffrey explains.

      In the end, the studying paid off. Jeffrey's school, Menominee Catholic Central, placed first in the fifth and sixth grade division. Father Marquette Elementary school placed first in the seventh and eighth grade division. Officials say win or lose, all students walk away from the competition with more knowledge of their faith.