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      Upper Peninsula students meet virtually with Texans, North Carolinians

      Itâ??s not your average book club; it's a club that connects students from thousands of miles away. This club at the North Dickinson High School is reading a book called â??The Fault in Our Starsâ?? by John Green. But they aren't the only ones reading and examining it. High school students in Texas and North Carolina are joining in on the discussion.

      â??Up here we kind of feel isolated and seeing other accents, like Southern accents, is just kind of cool,â?? said junior Rachel Swiss.

      The virtual club meets once a month, discussing and analyzing passages they've read together, and the North Dickinson students say it's helpful to gain insight from others not living in the Midwest.

      â??I think it's really cool to see the peoplesâ?? different perspectives from people that aren't living in the U.P.; it's cool to see that people can have different opinions on things,â?? said senior, Abby Steinbrecher.

      While most of the time is spent talking about the book, they often chunk out some time to discuss the differences of where they live.

      â??They ask us about the weather and we tell them it's snowing and rainy and cold, and then they were like, 'That's weird, because it's like really hot down here,' so it was cool,â?? Swiss said.

      The readers said it's helpful to have a book club simply because it allows them to analyze a novel further than just reading it alone, although some of the students said the book was too good not to finish right away.

      â??I finished it before I was supposed to because it was really that good. You can't stop,â?? Swiss said.

      The North Dickinson County School also offers a Spanish course and an Elementary Poetry class. The book club is also hoping to continue the virtual meetings in the spring.