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      Upper Peninsula winter means pothole problems

      The rhythmic sound of potholes on the highway could almost be melodic. But these combative craters do not play nice, and can cause significant damage to your car.

      â??It can be to the point if you hit it hard enough, you blow out the tire; you throw the alignment out on the vehicle, so you're tires are wearing uneven,â?? said Jeff Edwards of Edwards Automotive.

      Edwards Automotive in Iron Mountain said these UP winters are notorious for creating bad potholes, and they're used to seeing people in for tie rod end, ball joint, and brake repairs.

      â??Over the long run you have chances when your whole suspension can just kind of come apart on you,â?? Edwards said.

      They said initial damages aren't normally expensive; a basic alignment can be anywhere from $55 to $85, but when you move into the tire repair, it can be a different story.

      â??Tires normally run anywhere from $75 to $200 for a tire, but if you bend a rim, some rims are $500, so it can add up real quick,â?? Edwards said.

      In an attempt to avoid that bill, some drivers may try to avoid the pothole, but Jeff said, that's not always the smartest or safest idea.

      â??Swerving is never a good idea, whether it's deer or potholes. Always be aware of where you're driving. If you don't know the roads, then slow down a little bit,â?? Edwards said.

      Keep in mind when youâ??re driving, if you experience alignment issues where the car steers to the right or left, or if it starts to jerk, it may be time for a check-up.