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      U.P.'s hidden waterfalls

      They're stunning and often quite breathtaking at any time of the year, and the U.P.'s waterfalls are no exception.

      In Munising, the Twin Memorial Falls and Tannery Falls are only two of the nearly 200 right here in the U.P.

      "A lot of people don't realize what they have here right in the city," said Tom Dolaskie, co-founder of U.P. Overland.

      It's all thanks to erosion--water carving its way into limestone rock; the work of a thousand years right at our fingertips. Our Facebook viewers are fans of these wonders. Many of you even offered locations.

      Kathy Dale Peavley wrote, "They are beautiful all over the U.P. Spring is the best time as they are running the heaviest."

      But the winters are often forgotten.

      "People come up, they see the waterfalls and say 'Alright, I'm good, I saw what I wanted to see,' and they don't catch that other season which is winter," Dolaskie said.

      Take a look at the photographs. The transformation between summer and winter brings a whole new look for these falls. Water turns to solid combs of ice, a transformation that can only be appreciated up close.

      "You're looking at a nature preserve set up for generations to come to enjoy, really, what the best kept secret of the U.P. is, and that's our untouched natural resources," Dolaskie said.

      Below are some of the U.P. waterfalls:

      Black River National Forest Scenic BywayGreat Conglomerate FallsPotawatomi FallsGorge FallsSandstone FallsRainbow FallsPorcupine Mountains Presque Isle ParkManabezho FallsManido FallsNawadaha FallsSuperior FallsAgate FallsBond FallsBakers FallsCascade FallsMaple CreekNelson Canyon FallsO Kun De Kun & Unnamed FallsVictoria Dam Falls

      Additional falls: