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      UP's Unique Antiques part 1

      Antique collecting is a popular pastime for a loyal few. Those who look into the past to quench the thirst of discovery may want to head to Negaunee.

      The old mining town has become a prominent and fitting place to hold relics from years gone by.

      Marquette and other small places around don't have many antique shops, said Pat Hennessy, an antique dealer. I think there's one in Marquette now, and Negaunee has become a mecca for antiquing.

      There are four antique stores on Iron Street in Negaunee alone. These outlets, plus a popular bakery, make Negaunee a hot spot for collectors.

      Hennessy is one of 20 dealers who do business with Lowenstein TMs antique mall.

      She has over 40 years of collecting experience under her belt, which proves to be an asset when it comes to pricing items which are coming in.

      "It's like Christmas every day, seeing new things come in. I just like it. I can't really explain it. It's in my blood," explained Hennessy.

      Nancy Gaines manages Lowenstein TMs, and says her excitement not only lies in collecting, but also when one of her customers makes a discovery.

      "To see people get so excited about things they remember from their past when they walk in, and they have a great memory of a childhood memory," recounted Gaines.

      "I like to come to Negaunee and hit the antique stores around here, said Dale Lindsey of Newberry.

      Lindsey is one of many Lowenstein's frequent customers, and he says his passion lies in Copper Country mementos.

      "Spear points and stuff the Indians made out of tools out of the Copper Country out of Houghton - that's where a lot of our copper comes from. That's what I do."

      Lowenstein TMs is just one of the antique malls Lindsey and other collectors visit in Negaunee.

      Be sure to tune in to TV6 Morning News Friday, October 28, to see the feature on The Old Bank Building in the second installment of U.P TMs Unique Antiques.