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      UPSIDER: Bob Kahl of Marquette

      Bob Kahl is the definition of a true outdoor enthusiast. He's spent almost half his life doing research for the Fish and Wildlife Service in Marquette. But his biggest passion is sharing his knowledge and appreciation for nature with others.

      "I've worked on some of the programs they've done at the Peter White Library on invasive plants and animals," said Kahl.

      Since it opened back in 1996, Bob has been a volunteer and board member with the Moosewood Nature Center in Marquette--an organization aimed at getting area youth involved in outdoor activities.

      "There's really some neat things to see out there," he explained. "You don't have to go to the Amazon Rain Forest and stuff like that; there's some real nice stuff right outside our backdoors."

      Bob was also instrumental in the starting of the a native plant garden outside his office building.

      But not all of his community service is nature-related. Bob also does volunteer work at the First United Methodist Church in Marquette where he's been a member for over 25 years. In that time, he's been involved in organizing different festivals and community meals.

      So whether it's planning a dinner or a nature hike, why does Bob spend so much time giving back to the community? He says it comes down to one thing.

      "Really, it's a lot of fun probably most of the time," Karl said, "especially when you're doing it with other people and you get to know other people. Helping out, knowing in a sense that you've paid it forward, as they say, in helping out other people and the environment."

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