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      UPSIDER Ed Haines of Escanaba

      I beleive Ed Haines should be nominated due to his time and talent in the service of people with vision impairments across the entire U.P.

      Ed works for the Michigan Commission for the Blind and he has been doing two jobs for the last year due to retirement of a coworker.

      Ed provides services to older blind individuals so they can be as independent in their daily lives as possible.

      He travels all over the U.P. to help make their lives a lot easier by teaching them new skills such as adaptive cooking skills, using low vision devices, talking watches, and how to use a white cane.

      His work has helped many be able to stay in their homes instead of having to move and live in a nursing home.

      As Ed's coworker, it is my recommendation that Ed be considered as an "UPsider".

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