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      UPSIDER: Ken Goldsworthy of Ishpeming

      Ken Goldsworthy, (or as he is known to those at the Negaunee Rod and Gun club, Goldy) is an avid supporter of shooting sports and youth programs. He teaches, trains, encourages, volunteers and organizes programs to help area youth to learn safe handling and shooting.

      He participates in the women's programs at Baycliff, training on shooting and safety aspects to allow increased comfort levels in handling firearms.

      He assists with hunters safety, NMU field day at the Rod and Gun club.

      His patience (and humor) is very well known with encouraging youth involvement.

      Goldy also is a key player in the CCW classes, presenting and assisting with this training.

      Goldy offers his time and efforts to keep the shooting sports active and safe in the U.P., protecting our heritage to hunt and shoot sporting clay and skeet.

      Goldy is an inspiration to all of the Rod and Gun members and the youth he deals with so positively.

      He is a true UPsider, offering his knowledge and patience to teach, train and encourage.

      His dedication and support is evident in the volunteer roles he fills!

      Ken Goldsworthy is very well known and respected within Michigan and Wisconsin--he has spread the word on the U.P. and shooting sports.

      He has even carried the U.P. spirit to the World Shoot in Texas, doing a fine job spreading the word on our great area.

      Last but not least, Goldy is a mentor to many, young and old, male and female. He brings people UP just with his encouraging ways.

      He is certainly an UPsider to all who have spent time with him.

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