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      UPSIDER: Marie Peasley of Harvey

      She bikes up to 13 miles a day, and sometimes she can run the same. Marie Peasley of Harvey is using her physical endurance to help a cause near and dear to her heart.

      "Triathlons, duathlons, half marathons, marathons, 5K races," said Peasley. "Twenty-one total to raise money and awareness for polio eradication."

      Marie is the President-Elect of the Marquette West Rotary Club. Since the early '80s, it's been the Rotary's national mission to completely eradicate polio---a disease that still exists in four countries. So Marie decided to combine her love of endurance sports with her passion for the Rotary's number one cause.

      "I have clothes that I wear with the polio message," Peasley explained. "I also have flyers that I hand out at all the races that I go to."

      She's already completed 4 of the 21 races she plans to attend across the Midwest this summer and has racked up almost $800 in donations. But Marie still has a long road ahead before she reaches her ultimate goal.

      "My goal is $5,800," Peasley explained. "The reason I picked $5,800 is because in my presidential year, it was my club's goal to raise for the foundation, so I'm just trying to match that."

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