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      UPsider: Tanya Stanaway of Ishpeming

      I would like to nominate Tanya to be one of the UPsiders.

      She has been involved in the community for many years especially with the Finnish population.

      She has been traveling all over the U.P. to perform and catch the Finnish audience.

      She has been performing at the Jacobetti Facility in Marquette on a monthly basis and also other local nursing centers.

      She is a volunteer at the Bell Hospital.

      She has been teaching the Finnish language almost 30 years and currently has three classes in Negaunee.

      She has been involved with the Finn Fests being held in Marquette in 1996 and 2005.

      She has been a secretary for a local CPA firm almost 25 years.

      She also teaches piano and guitar for young students.

      She helps senior citizens by taking them shopping and bringing them their prescriptions. She takes them to different programs as some of them do not drive.She always seems to have time for all this and me, too. I feel she would be a good candidate for the UPsiders.

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