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      U.S. and Canada committed to Great Lakes

      Thanks to an update to an agreement from the 1970s, the U.S. and Canada have worked to improve the protection of the Great Lakes.

      University of Maryland professor and NMU alum, William Bowerman, spoke at the Mead Auditorium about what this means for the Great Lakes. The agreement was originally signed in the '70s by President Richard M. Nixon and Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. It assures that both countries will continue efforts to combat invasive species and protect the lakes.

      "What it (the updated agreement) means is that we will continue to work with the areas of concern, and there's going to be greater opportunity for the Marquette community and the Upper Peninsula to keep involved in the Great Lakes and how we manage them," said Bowerman.

      Bowerman also said that despite invasive algae and slight pollution in some of Lake Superior's bays, it remains the cleanest of all the Great Lakes.