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      U.S. Coast Guard post to hold open house

      Friday, August 24, the U.S. Coast Guard will be hosting an open house for their post in Marquette.

      This will be their second annual open house. Visitors will be allowed to explore almost the entire station. Officers will be in each room to teach and explain Coast Guard operations but also to educate about safety on the water. T he pier is currently under construction, and the boats may or may not be available for tours in time.

      It will be free for all guests, and ties in with maritime month at the neighboring Maritime Museum.

      "The main purpose of this is just an outreach in the community, and kind of give a general insight of what the coast Guard does and what we're doing over here in this building that people drive past every day," said Joshua Kuhn of the U.S. Coast Guard.

      The open house will be on Friday, Aug. 24 from 1 until 5 p.m.