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      U.S. Marine Corps to send educators to boot camp

      The United States Marine Corps is giving local teachers, coaches and counselors a chance to see firsthand how Marines are made with an Educators Workshop. The workshop will bring participants out to San Diego California for four days, February 10-14, to see portions of boot camp, a challenge called the Crucible, and Recruit Graduation Ceremony. The Marines say this is a way to show educators what they can offer to young men and women.

      "Most people don't really know what we do in the Marine Corpse, they may have some impressions from the news media or television or Hollywood but they get to see, hands on, how the transformation is done," said SSgt Brian May. "So they get a little sample of what Boot Camp is like and for the final process they get to watch a group of marines graduate."

      There is no expense for the trip, travel, lodging and meals are all covered by the Marine Corps. The workshop only has room for 25 educators from across Wisconsin, northern Illinois and the Upper Peninsula. Applications for the workshop are due by December 22.