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      Using birch bark to craft

      This weekend, community members learned how to craft Christmas tree ornaments using materials found in the backyard.

      On Saturday, Ricky Eckloff of Skandia taught a birch bark craft making session at the Moosewood Nature Center in Marquette. The center focuses on educating young people on the environment in their community.

      Eckloff instructed the class on the proper way to make an angel out of the bark. He also talked to them about the life cycle of the bark and the ethical removal of it from nature.

      "Using natural materials that are harvested ethically, that's important, too. It's an alternative than going to the store and buying something that was manufactured, possibly overseas, and sold through a big box store. It's something you can do at home yourself," said Andrew Beck, Moosewood Nature Center.

      The Moosewood Nature Center will hold its annual meeting in January. They will bring in a guest speaker to talk about the history of Presque Isle and the Shiras Pool.