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      Using cemeteries to unlock the past

      The Marquette Regional History Center is giving local families a chance to be tombstone detectives this Thursday.

      The group will tour Marquette's Park Cemetery on Seventh Street. Kids will make tombstone rubbings, investigate symbols, and learn about historic figures from Marquette's past. The history center has done other cemetery tours but wanted this one to be for families.

      "This year we wanted to do a program that would appeal to children just to tell them that the cemetery isn't necessarily a frightening place to be, but we wanted them to come and realize that the cemetery is an interesting place to find out about local people from the past," said History Center Director Rosemary Michelen.

      The group will meet at Park Cemetery at 1 p.m., and the tour will last about two hours. A five dollar donation to the history center is appreciated.

      For more information on the Marquette Regional History Center, check out their website.