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      Using concealed weapons for self defense

      George Zimmerman, Jodi Arias, and Oscar Pistorius are just a few names in national headlines allegedly for murder claiming it was self-defense.

      If you carry a concealed weapon when do you have the right to defend yourself? Joe Marzec, owner of JM Trucking, says he does a lot of trucking in â??pretty shady areas.â?? Standing at 6â??4, this truck driver has had his fair share of unpleasant encounters while doing deliveries. So far heâ??s been able to avoid situations from taking a turn for the worst, but admits theyâ??re nerve-racking.

      â??Do you draw your weapon? Do you say stop I have a gun I will shootâ?| Do you draw your weapon pull the trigger?â?? Marzec asked.

      Concealed pistol license instructor Dave Kent teaches people how to answer those questions.

      â??The person has to have the ability to cause death or great bodily harm, they have to have the opportunity to use that ability and then they actually have to place the life in jeopardy,â?? Kent, who spent 40 years in law enforcement before becoming an instructor, explained.

      In his CPL course the former deputy spends three hours explaining laws and deadly force -- giving students every possible scenario to avoid using it.

      â??A citizen has a duty to retreat,â?? Kent stated. â??Letâ??s say the person has a knife, or a baseball bat, but they're 100 yards away from you. While they might have the ability to harm you they certainly donâ??t have the opportunity to use it.â??

      And, any assailant that retreats is also a sign to stop. Kent highly recommends if you sense a potentially dangerous situation, leave immediately.

      â??You need to be able to see the danger signs around you,â?? he insisted. â??Not put yourself into a situation where you have to use deadly force to get out.â??

      As for Marzec, heâ??ll only use his weapon as his last option.

      â??At the end of the day if you draw your weapon and you pull the trigger you could make someone deadâ?| And you'll have to live with that the rest of your life,â?? he said. â??You gotta be sure on your decision.â??